Smile Brilliant: The Perfect Solution for Sensitive Teeth

Smile Brilliant: The Perfect Solution for Sensitive Teeth

I love my red wine, I mean LOVE it. Unfortunately my teeth have gotten stained over the years and I have been on the hunt for a solution to fix this! I can’t do the whitening strips, my teeth are way too sensitive for them - personally I hate how they feel too. I have tried numerous drug store whitening strips and gels, but nothing consistently to keep my smile white.

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When I was introduced to Smile Brilliant I wasn’t necessarily skeptical about how well it would whiten my teeth, I was skeptical about the “desensitizing gel”. I had no idea what caused teeth sensitivity (I guess I never cared to research it because I thought it couldn’t be fixed)! They make it very clear on their website why the desensitizing gel is an important step in teeth whitening, especially for us with sensitive teeth!


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The Process:
Super simple! I got my kit in the mail, you create your molds and send them back to Smile Brilliant in a prepaid mailing envelope. I was a little nervous about messing this up, but the instructions are easy to follow and they give you an extra set of material in case you mess up!

Package you initially receive

Package you initially receive

Prepaid Mailing Envelope

Prepaid Mailing Envelope

The turnaround time to receive your custom trays is extremely fast. When I got the trays I was thinking they’d be like retainers - hard plastic. They’re flexible, customized to fit your teeth which I never realized how important this is for whitening. The gel stays in your custom fitted trays against your teeth (yes, I’ve tried the whitening trays where the gel slides out and I would find myself constantly spitting out the whitening gel). 

You can leave your trays in for 45 min up to 3 hours. I was really nervous about the tooth sensitivity so I left mine in for 45 minutes every other day and used the desensitizing gel after. One time I left it on for 2 hours and my teeth were quite sensitive the next day, BUT nothing lasted longer than 24 hours. I was pleasantly surprised! Some nights I left the desensitizing gel trays in for over an hour to be sure I wouldn’t experience sensitivity.

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Even if you don’t have sensitive teeth I would highly recommend. The overall experience was incredible. Now that I have the trays I can buy more gel when needed to keep up with my whitening at home! 

I’m so excited that I get to share my journey with Smile Brilliant!

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