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— Claire C.

My story

I originally graduated college wanting to be a photographer, it's always been a passion of mine and still is a passion of mine. I quickly learned that a LOT of people think they are photographers and the money was not there. I also got really bad anxiety when I'd go to photograph people, I'm an introvert...I'm outgoing, but the pressure of making sure that these photos were absolutely perfect was stressful. (I'm also a virgo so a little bit of a perfectionist haha).

I was decorating my room after college and came across foiled prints. Being a creative, I'd rather learn how to make something than purchase it. It would have technically been cheaper to purchase the prints. I invested so much of my own money into paper, foil, and machines. Someone asked me where I got my print and it gave me this idea to start my own Etsy shop. In August 2015 I officially opened my first Etsy shop.

I loved it - working from home, working my own hours, making my OWN money, when I worked harder I got more money. Sure, it took me three full months with 12 hour days to get the shop up and running, but at this point in my life it was SO worth it.

I started to realize that I wanted a way to get PASSIVE income. This means putting in work up front, some maintenance along the way, and earning money while you're sleeping or traveling. I didn't want to work MORE, I wanted to create a future of freedom. I opened my second Etsy shop May 2016.

I wasn't making a TON of money, but an extra $20-100 a week was nice enough. I started writing blog posts about "how to open your own Etsy Shop" because I truly have always wanted to help others create a life of freedom.

I realized that not that many people would be interested in the subject of "how to open your own Etsy Shop" and I would be putting a lot of time and effort into this with no return.

I felt lost. People would ask me "where do you see your Etsy shops heading?" 

Possibly go into wedding stores and sell them there, I DIDN'T KNOW. All I knew was that competition was rising on Etsy. I was getting frustrated and monthly fees were increasing.



Summer 2016 Robin Corbin, now my upline and my mom's cousin, came to visit Chicago. I was little when I last saw her and she was the nicest person I had ever met in my life. She offered me a Fizz Stick on the boat as I was drinking a glass of wine and I gave her a stale look and declined.

I laugh about this now knowing that I am obsessed with Fizz Sticks hahaha. ANYWAY! Fast forward and my mom joins Robin's team in September 2016. Robin wanted nothing more than to help my mom make extra money and get healthier.

I was in a very serious relationship at this time and moved down to Florida with my then boyfriend. My parents came down to visit and my mom left Arbonne products at the apartment. I had no idea what to do with protein. I had never had made protein shakes. I was alone in Florida as my ex was in another part of Florida. I worked every day for about 12-14 hours on my shops and drank diet cokes every afternoon to keep my energy levels up.

I tried a Fizz Stick (natural energy stick) that my mom left and I'll admit I didn't fall in love with them the very first time. I knew they were good for me and gave me energy. After trying them a few more times I became HOOKED. I can honestly say I maybe have a diet coke once every other month now. They are SO bad for you.