Clear Future Starter Pack


Pricing Breakdown



Clear Future (4 Products)

Deep Pore Acne Cleanser
Corrective Acne Treatment Pads
Mattifying Acne Treatment Lotion
Intensive Acne Spot Treatment

= $156
As A Set: $140
Membership Price: $112
Consultant Price: $91


Other Products

Calm Lotion
Detox Clay Mask
Digestion Plus

= $141
Membership Price: $112.80
Consultant Price: $91.65

The Essentials

I highly recommend starting out with all of these products at once to get the best results, plus you save more when you get the Clear Future line as an entire set

BUY ALL & SAVE BIG + 45 Days Money Back

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Option #1

$140 + $141 (NOT Recommended)


Option #2

$29 for a year
No Automatic Renewal
No Monthly Minimums or Purchases — No Catch

20-40% off all products for a year
Free Shipping On Every $150 SRP Order
Free Gifts On Qualifying Orders

$29 (one time)
+ $112 Clear Future
+ $112.80 OP

= $253.80 + Tax
+ $0 Ship


Option #3

$49 for a year
No Automatic Renewal
No Monthly Minimums, Quotas or Purchases
Again, no catch…

35-50% off all products for a year
Free Shipping On Every $500 SRP Order
Ability to make $$ by recommending products

$49 (one time)
+ $91 Clear Future
+ $91.65 OP

= $231.65 + Tax
+ $7.95 Ship

Step By Step: How To Check Out

  1. Go To

  2. Click on “Shop” at the top

  3. Click on “Start Earning” (Option #3 from above) or “Start Saving” (Option #2)

  4. Add items to your cart

    1. Clear Future Set

    2. Gentle Daily Moisturizer

    3. Rescue & Renew Detox Mask

    4. Digestion Plus

  5. Go To Your Shopping Bag

  6. Select Your Free Gift That You Would like

If you picked Option #3 | $49 (start earning)

  1. Scroll down and you will see that you have a $125 for $30 option, you may add $125 of product of choice for only $30 extra

  2. Recommendations:

    1. Clear Future Overnight Mask : great to put on before bed, soothes & hydrates skin + minimizes redness

    2. Greens Balance : get a full servings of veggies in - the color of the rainbow

    3. Skin Elixir : boosts collagen, but helps your skin from the inside out

    4. Foundation / CC Cream : if you’re putting gunk on top of your skin when you’re trying to clear your skin up it’s not going to speed up the process! I love both our foundation & CC Cream. The foundation has antioxidants in it to fight off bacteria

    5. Micellar Water : I keep this around me at all times, it’s perfect to take off the daily grime

    6. SO many other things I love: Fizz Sticks (natural energy drinks), Mascara, Protein, Glow Palette, Gel Eye Masks, Under Eye Cream, Etc.

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The main difference is that you are not going to receive free shipping on those smaller orders and you don’t get the free gift perks that members do.