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Congratulations on taking the first step into your future life

Watch Arbonne’s Manifesto Below

Don’t have a printer? Get a NEW notebook & pen & go through the checklist!

“Belief, Attitude, and Commitment”
Listen on your way to work, while you’re showering, cleaning, etc.

how we get paid video

Click here for another video about how we get paid

Why do we watch these?
Someone may pop into your head that relates to the person speaking, you can build your own belief & understand that there is no cookie cutter person in this business.We all come from different backgrounds!

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Write out your
21 Reasons why

This will change over time & as you grow, but this is very important to come back to on the not so easy days

Write out your
100 Person List

The more the better! You will want to make it a goal to add to this list EVERY day
Circle your DREAM TEAM (top 10 people)
Take PREJUDGING OUT OF THIS! Everyone is joining your team, why your top 10?


Send A Picture of your
21 Reasons Why & your 100 Person List
(with your Top 10 people circled) to your sponsor

Schedule a call
With your sponsor

Talk about goals…do you want to Walk, Jog, or Run in this business?

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It’s good to see examples of what other people post & connect with the community.
Someone may remind you of someone you know!

Pro Tip: You can COPY & PASTE these usernames in your Instagram DM’s to yourself or your sponsor for easier following!
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Write down
Your goals
& Send to sponsor

After talking with your sponsor you should have a clear idea on goals, write them down and send to your sponsor. REACH FOR THE STARS, it’s better to aim high and miss than not aim high at all.

Still Confused?
Check the charts below on how to promote!


  • Make xxx a month in order to quit my job

  • Get the White Mercedes within xx months

  • Make an extra xxx per month to pay for xxx

  • Help xx people a month get healthy

WHY? This is important so we can help you reach YOUR personal goals. It’s proven that WRITING down a goal is more effective than saying it out loud. You’ll also have an automatic accountability partner!

Let them know what helps you when being coached - do you like the push/check-in’s? Do you like talking numbers? Do you like deadlines?
We need to know how YOU work best! If you don’t know yet, that’s totally cool - but communication is key and staying CONNECTED.

Mark your calendar
Every tuesday Night

Trainings are only once a week for 30min - 1hr (rarely go over 30 minutes)
Mark your calendars to have this repeating every week 7:30 pm CT
8:00pm CT are NATION calls, you are not required to be on those
Please let your sponsor know if you cannot attend Tuesday nights

These are ZOOM meetings (free App) please turn your camera’s on for this meeting
Don’t worry, it’s okay if you’re in your sweats or in bed during this… perks of working from home

Download apps
To Run Your Business

  • Arbonne’s | My OfficeShop Arbonne ArbonnePurePayArbonneEvents

  • Voxer ⤑ every other Thursday an NVP trains our team
    txt your sponsor your username to be added to the private chat!

  • SoundCloud ⤑ type in “Arbonne” to find trainings!

  • Zoom ⤑ Discover Arbonne (DA) Videos & Weekly Team Calls


Sign up for purepay

We get paid every Tuesday! ArbonnePurePay.Hyperwallet.com
* You do not need to get the Arbonne CC (Optional) You can sign up for direct deposits


Print Tracker Sheet
40 Faces sheet & 8x2

This will help you keep track of your reach out's and ACTIVITY!

Mark your calendar
April 16-18,2020

Annual Global Training Conference in Vegas

Purchase Your first of many
self development book

Get Over Your Damn Self - Romi Neustadt
✩ Go Pro - Eric Worre
✩ The Magic of Thinking Big
✩ Four Year Career - Richard Bliss Brooke
✩ You Are A Badass - Jen Sincero
✩ Girl, Stop Apologizing - Rachel Hollis
✩ Dare to Dream and Work To Win - Tom Barrett
✩ On Fire - John O'Leary
✩ Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway - Susan Jeffers 
✩ 5 Second Rule - Mel Robbins
✩ Energy Bus - Jon Gordon
✩ Best Salesman in the World - Og Mandino
✩ Digital Persuasion - Erin Gargan 
✩ Girl, Wash Your Face - Rachel Hollis
Other Popular Books
Ask your sponsor if you're having difficulty in a certain area!
- Example: Opinions of others, Fear of reaching out, etc.

Add yourself to
Facebook groups

Nation Team Page ⤑ Check This Daily
Testimonial Pages

Text your sponsor to get added to the 30 Days To Healthy Living group!


Schedule 2 launch events
with your sponsor RIght away

Virtual Or In-Person

Schedule Dream team calls within 24hrs - 5 days

Your sponsor will do the work! Your job is to get people on calls right away!
Talk with your sponsor if you need help with reach-out’s that’s what we are here for!

Example Verbiage on Page 2 & 3 from
#1 Income Earner Cecilia Still

Get into activity

Social Media ◇ Group Events ◇ 1-on-1’s ◇ Messaging ◇ Samples

Social media post

Resources to Help You. Remember, this is your own business - but the more you learn and plug in to self development & trainings the more successful you WILL be!

Handling objections
Get used to the word “no”

People are going to say no, get comfortable with the word “no”

  • They are not saying NO to YOU. They are saying NO to the unknown or to Arbonne

  • The NO is not a permanent no, do not mark them off your list

  • Find out WHY they are saying no — too busy? not enough $$?

    • That’s when we handle common objections by telling them how this business can HELP them create more time, have more money, get healthier, etc.

  • Read Through / Listen to how to handle common objections

    • Reach out to your sponsor with a screenshot of the conversation if you’re stuck!

Overcoming Objections PDF
Handling Objections | 12 Min Video

The Road To

District Manager

Based off of Nutrition Kits

Let’s Simplify This!

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How to make $500+ your first month?

Find 8 people to do the 30 Days To Healthy Living Program = $48 x 8 = $384
With TWO being a NEW IC/PC = $100 Bonus
+ Earn Overrides On Your Team


Other Resources

Copy & Paste These Into Your “Notes” Section

Because of Arbonne

30 Day Program

Welcome To the 30 Day Program

Product Information Pages

Rescue & Renew
Phytosport For Athletes


When you log in to your account and go to THE SOURCE you can find a lot of questions there!
Your sponsors are here to help
Facebook Testimonial Groups
1-800- Arbonne