Ice Blonde Hair Without The Yellow

How To Maintain Ice Blonde Hair

Say goodbye to the yellow!

My hair stylist does a great job and highlights my hair with a platinum blonde color with purple undertones.
(I am not a hair stylist,  sorry Katie if I am saying this wrong!)
Over time my hair starts to turn yellow after getting it colored.

My favorite is Scruples Platinum Shine because it's sulfate free & affordable.

How To

  • Wet hair and lather the purple shampoo into your roots, add a little more to the bottom of your hair
  •  Leave in for 1 minute - 4 minutes
  • Rinse & Deep Condition

+ Use 1x a week
+ Everyone's hair reacts differently
+ Add more to the ends after lathering your roots to evenly distribute
+ Start with a short amount of time - you can always re-do it the next day
+ Deep condition after
+ The purple/gray color WILL fade after shampooing if it turned too purple do not freak out